Adult Students

Its Never Too Late!

Thinking about taking music lessons but dont know where to start?  You have come to the right place!  We believe that music should be accessible to everyone at any age, no matter what level of proficiency one has.  Our adult music classes feature one-on- one in depth lesson experiences that are perfect for the casual hobbyist or budding musician.  A degreed teaching staff creates an invigorating musical environment that emphasises concentrated studies to help meet individualistic needs.  Our awards recital gives the student a chance to demonstrate their ability to family and friends.  No matter what the age, you are ready for the academy experience. 

Individual curriculum for success

As an adult music student, it is very important to be aware of your musical goals.  We pride ourselves on developing a curriculum that is tailored to meet the individual success of each student.  The 10 levels of achievement are deisgned to guide a student through developmental techniques and skills that allow for a fluid understanding of the instrument.  Our teachers help you develop an individualistic approach deisgned by YOU specifically for you!  Let us take the pressure off you when it comes to your musical success!