Choosing the right teacher for you!


Q.   What specific qualities should I look for in a teacher?

A.   This is a based on the goals of the individual. However, when screening potential teachers, the parents should always look for these attributes:

1. Teaching style - Are they firm and strict or easy going and patient?

2. Teaching experience - Have they taught students who are in the same age range as your child?

3. Certification - Do they have a Bachelors degree in music or a certification of any kind?


We pride ourselves on employing a dynamic range of teachers to accommodate any student.

Your potential teacher should have experience doing what you are hoping to do yourself one day.  If you want to perform Bach, the teacher should have performed or competed in classical settings.  If you want to perform Rock and Roll, the teacher should be in a band or perform regularly in that style.  Learn more about what makes the Academy’s approach to teaching one-of-a-kind please visit our About Us page:


Earn rewards for becoming a better musician!


Q.  Do you have a way of rewarding or encouraging students to practice?

A.   Joe Ferrante Music Academy prides itself on not only engaging students in their lessons, but also rewarding them for a job well done. We believe if a student has shown discipline and a determination to be successful in their instrument, then they should be rewarded for such qualities.

After each lesson, the student is given “homework” to work on. This can be scales, a few measures of a piece, or a personal goal the student would like to accomplish. During the following lesson if the student has completed their homework they can earn up to $10 in Academy Rewards Bucks. These Rewards Bucks can be used to purchase toys, candy, or even gift certificates from our Academy Rewards Chest.  Our Academy Rewards Bucks program not only teaches students the importance of self discipline and attentiveness, but it also encourages the students to further develop musical skills on their instrument.


Learn to play music across multiple genres!


Q.   Classical is not my most desired genre, are there other options?

A.   Yes! Joe Ferrante Music Academy offers lessons in many other musical styles besides classical. Although many of our students play classical pieces, we also have a wide range of students who love playing pop, rock, jazz, gospel, and contemporary music. Some students take a parallel path of studying classical along with more popular genres so they can get the best of both worlds, but a focus on a specific genre is definitely encouraged.

At Joe Ferrante Music Academy, it is possible to have it all.  You can learn from the great traditions of the past while still enjoying the styles of today. You can also view our Testimonials page to hear what many of our students have to say about the Academy!