Practice Incentives

Hard Work Does Pay Off
                                                       "Earn Academy BUCKS as you go!"
The Academy is proud to offer a proven incentive method for students: the Academy BUCKS program, which allows students to earn bucks based on how often they practice at homeand on the quality of their progress each week they attend lessons. Students have a wide array of prizes and gift cards to major retailers to choose from.

Academy BUCKS & Store

Academy BUCKS are printed with famous composers' pictures in various denominations and colors. Students earn BUCKS by practicing diligently at home and parents' marking their practice logs, performing and behaving well during their academy lessons, and performing in concerts and recitals. Students can spend their academy bucks at the Academy Store on various candy, toys, dolls, action figures and games. Each time bucks are earned, a student can spend them immediately on something from the store or can store them to save up for an item of higher store price. We have found that this program not only encourages students to practice regularly and keep motivated, but also to learn the value of hard work, discipline, and a positive attitude.