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Acoustic to Electric to a Whole Lot More...
Beginning guitar students learn the fundamentals of the instrument which include: tuning, hand positions, knowledge of the fretboard, identifying notes on the staff, and chord construction. Guitar students are taught how to read single line guitar melodies and chord constructions and develop these skills throughout their training up to advanced levels. During guitar training, students are introduced to many styles of strumming and learn how to apply these methods to particular genres and styles of music. Eventually, students have the opportunity to play in groups and even to study songwriting if they choose. Should they be inclined, students will also be given the opportunity to train with a teacher who can teach them how to sing and play guitar simultaneously.

Younger students are encouraged to start on half size acoustic guitars before advancing to a 3/4 or full size instrument. Acoustic guitar is encouraged for beginning students since they have slimmer necks and nylon strings, which are easier on the fingers. After the beginning stage of guitar training, one can continue on to the electric guitar if she or he so chooses.

At Joe Ferrante Music Academy, each lesson has three major components. The first segment is devoted to last week's lesson assignment where the student gets a chance to demonstrate what they've worked on. The second component is time spent on technical development and music theory training. Students are taught how to read music, increasingly complex rhythms, note interval recognition, ear training, and chord construction. The third component is introducing the next assignment and teaching the student the important elements of their new song(s). Students are tested for their level of achievement twice a year, we have 10 levels of achievement, and are given the opportunity to perform in recitals from a beginning level to an advanced.



Guitar FAQ

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How old does my child have to be to take a private guitar lesson?

We highly recommend that the child be 6 years old to begin guitar lessons.