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Dont Forget Your Drum Sticks!
Our Drum students are given an excellent foundation for any musical genre they might advance to. Their musical foundation begins with: identifying various drums and cymbals, learning different methods to strike the drum, looping drum beats, learning to identify and understand bars and measures, identifying and performing rhythmic denominations (i.e. quarter notes, half notes, etc.), and sight reading rhythm charts. A variety of styles are taught at the academy including pop, rock, and jazz. We have amazing degreed teachers who are also equipped to rock out! Our drum students will get a first rate musical foundation while having a lot of fun at the same time. Please take note that a student does not need to own a drum set in order to learn beginning drums. We teach a variety of different genres including rock, pop, jazz, reggae, and funk.

At Joe Ferrante Music Academy, each lesson has three major components. The first segment is devoted to last week's lesson assignment where the student gets a chance to demonstrate what they've worked on. The second component is time spent on technical development and music theory training. Students are taught how to read music, increasingly complex rhythms, note interval recognition, ear training, and chord construction. The third component is introducing the next assignment and teaching the student the important elements of their new song(s). Students are tested for their level of achievement twice a year, we have 10 levels of achievement, and are given the opportunity to perform in recitals from a beginning level to an advanced.