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At the Joe Ferrante Music Academy, we have a unique acoustic guitar program that includes lessons from degreed teachers and a stimulating musical environment for all budding acoustic guitarists.  Made famous by musicians like Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, our teachers take a modern and innovative approach to acoustic guitar lessons.  Our progress reports (STEP Reports), offer techniques that build upon a solid foundation.  The intimate approach of the acoustic guitar can be used from leading a rhythm section to writing and performing original songs, even solo music! Our expert acoustic instructors use Academy STEP reports to track development of important skills like hand positions, interpreting chord charts and beyond!  For singers, the acoustic offers a wonderful accompaniment tool to support their own voice.    For the casual musician, let our one-on-one private instructors help you learn that favorite Beatles or Rolling Stones tune.  Whether you or your child are looking for an extracurricular activity or studying for a professional career as a musician, our teachers are trained to meet you at your level and take you forward!

All you need to play an acoustic guitar are your own two hands; it doesn’t require any amplifier or speakers.  They come in different sizes to suit a child, a tween, and an adult body.  Although it may take a few weeks to train one’s fingers to apply the right amount of pressure to strings to play properly, soon enough one’s hands get stronger and playing an acoustic guitar enables you to play a classical guitar, a steel-stringed guitar, or an electric guitar with its softer strings instantly.  Students can play practically any style of music with an acoustic guitar: folk, blues, classical, country, jazz, worship, Latin, and pop.  Acoustic guitars are great for students looking to join a school band or orchestra, and especially for budding songwriters; look what it did for Taylor Swift!