"I believe every student deserves the opportunity to study with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher, one who is personally invested in that student's progress and development, and well versed in the challenges of performance."

-Joe Ferrante, President

Our Mission

At Joe Ferrante Music Academy, we pride ourselves on providing private lessons by a carefully selected teaching staff, the majority of our degreed teachers are professional performers who often compose their own music.  Private lessons enable our teachers to create custom lesson plans to best suit each student’s unique tastes in music and to make learning fun.  Think your neighborhood teacher is the same as ours?  A degreed teacher must pass hundreds of musical examinations and give a wide range of public performances administered by PhDs in leading universities to prove their proficiency not only in their musical instrument but also in their general understanding of music history, theory and composition.  Studying at JFMA means that that you learn about musical performance only from the best; it’s part of what makes The Academy Experience so unique!