Progress Reports

Master your Instrument Faster Than Ever!
STEP Reports stand for Student Test and Evaluation of Progress and apply to virtually every musical instrument and style taught at the Academy. Students are evaluated each semester on their progress and current standing within the Academy's 10 Levels of Achievement. We believe that many students can play well, but few really understand the theory and technique behind the music they are so familiar with. The STEP Reports are a game changer because now student, parent and teacher alike communicate clearly as to what has been learned so far and what is still waiting to be conquered.

Monitor Your Progress


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Unlike other schools that let parents do the guessing as to their child’s progress, at the Academy we offer our one-of-a-kind STEP Program (Student Test and Evaluation of Progress), which gives a detailed, step by step report on the student’s progress for the last semester and how they can improve in the next semester.

The Joe Ferrante Music Academy is committed to students’ continual progress in their chosen disciplines.  We find that students are better motivated to improve when they have specific goals and levels of achievement to work toward.  Twice a year, at the end of each semester, students are formally evaluated for their progress via the STEP Report (Student Test & Evaluation of Progress).  Critical areas of technical and theoretical knowledge, as well as performance skills are evaluated in Music, Language Arts, and Math.  Teachers write a current critique of a student’s progress according to Joe Ferrante Music Academy standardized levels and descriptions.  Comments for improvement are made along with recommendations for recital and concert.