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Essay writing, English Grammar, and Creative Writing

Improving one's language arts skills aids a student's socialization, academic performance, and communication, and most importantly these skills are practiced and relied upon every day. We help students get better results with their homework, essay assignments, special projects and presentations, quizzes, and exams. Our Language Arts teachers share their passion for reading, writing, and literature with their students focussing on dispelling any intimidation and progressing into developing a deep appreciation and talent for self-expression. Special emphasis is given to conversational language studies, expository writing, critical reasoning and interpretation, and reading comprehension, in addition to grammar, punctuation, syntax, and vocabulary. Private tutoring offers the student complete curricular flexibility ranging from a formal academic approach to those preparing to vacation in a foreign country.  From the high school student with a desire to improve his SAT scores to the weekend novelist, our academy's Language Arts tutoring sessions have proven to be very effective in helping our students to attain their individual goals.

Tutoring is taught in sessions of 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour, with the cost being the same as that of private music instruction.