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If loud amps and rocking out sounds like fun, our electric guitar program can offer the chance for you to be a true rock star!  From Rock ‘n Roll of the past to today's most popular music, the electric guitar has been a staple in contemporary music creation since the mid 20th century.  Developed around 1940, the 6 string guitar with a tiny microphone under the bridge has engulfed all aspects of todays popular music.  Our electric guitar lessons are geared towards performance experiences and many of our students perform at our Community and Awards Recitals throughout the year.  Techniques like soloing, extended note picking and amplification make up just some of the instrument’s unique abilities.  Our expert staff hand tailors each electric lesson to meet your musical goals.  If you're looking to learn that favorite solo or lead a rock group, we have an approach that’s right for you!

An electric guitar has softer strings than an acoustic and can be easier to play at first.  It does require an amplifier to make its sound, but parents don’t have to fret that their households will soon shake with the sounds of heavy metal or punk rock; amplifiers can have headphones plugged in them to quiet one’s practicing.  Playing the electric guitar is great for those students who are interested in being in rock bands and whose favorite artists may be: Jimi Hendrix, Slash, B.B.King, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, or Prince.