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Guitar Lessons: Acoustic to Electric to a Whole Lot More...

In beginner guitar lessons, students learn the fundamentals of the instrument which include: tuning, hand positions, knowledge of the fretboard, identifying notes on the staff, and chord construction. In their guitar lessons, students are taught how to read single-line guitar melodies and chord construction and develop these skills throughout their training up to advanced levels.

During guitar lessons, students are introduced to many styles of strumming and learn how to apply these methods to particular genres and styles of music. Eventually, students have the opportunity to play in groups and even to study songwriting if they choose. If desired, students will also be given the opportunity to train with a guitar teacher who can teach them how to sing and play guitar simultaneously.

Guitar Lessons Offered

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can young kids take guitar lessons?

    Younger students (6 and older) are encouraged to start on half-size acoustic guitars before advancing to a 3/4 or full-size instrument. Acoustic guitar is encouraged for beginning students since they have slimmer necks and nylon strings, which are easier on the fingers. After the beginning stage of guitar lessons, one can continue on to the electric guitar if desired.

  • How old does my child have to be to take private guitar lessons?

    We highly recommend that the child be 6 years old to begin guitar lessons. Children should also start out on half-size guitars to accommodate their smaller fingers and hands. After that, students can move up to ¾ size and then full-size guitars and even electric guitar if desired.

  • Do you teach adults as well?

    Absolutely! We teach students of all ages and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate busy schedules.

  • Can I try a guitar lesson first to see if I like it?

    To make sure it’s the right fit for you, we offer a free introductory trial lesson with one of our guitar teachers. After that, you can choose to buy one month of guitar lessons at a time (4 lessons), or sign up for a 3 or 6-month plan for a reduced cost.

  • What availability do you have for guitar lessons?

    We are open 7 days a week and offer mostly afternoon (1:00 pm and later) and evening time slots. On Saturdays and Sundays, we offer morning slots as well. Availability for guitar lessons will vary by guitar teacher availability, so give us a call at (626) 628-2485 or text us at (626) 628-2485 to find out what we have available.

  • "My public speaking skills have excelled through the roof! Through what I have learned at the academy, I have been able to improve my social skills dramatically!"

    - Evelynette

More About Our Guitar Lessons in Monrovia, CA

At Joe Ferrante Music Academy in Monrovia, each guitar lesson has three major components. The first segment is devoted to last week’s lesson assignment where the student gets a chance to demonstrate what they’ve worked on. The second component is time spent on technical development and music theory training. Students are taught how to read music, increasingly complex rhythms, note interval recognition, ear training, and chord construction. The third component in guitar lessons is introducing the next assignment and teaching the student the important elements of their new song(s). Students are tested for their level of achievement twice a year (we have 10 Levels of Achievement), and are given the opportunity to perform in recitals from a beginning to advanced level.

Raquel O.
Raquel O.
My 5 year old son wanted to take piano lessons so we reached out to JF music academy. They were running a special for January plus a free introductory class. Ms Lorraine is our sons teacher and he's really enjoying his sessions. He is enjoying his sessions so I'm hoping he will continue his Interest in learning.
Lili M.
Lili M.
Nicest people in the world! I brought my niece for her first guitar and the teacher was great, along with the young lady who helped us out in the front. My niece is loving the lessons and I couldn't be happier about who amazing they are l, and the level of professionalism.
Sam S.
Sam S.
I started taking guitar lessons with Alex about 2 months ago. It has been fantastic. Everyone at the school is incredibly nice, and it really has a low-key small town community type atmosphere. My lesson is one of the best parts of my week and I look forward to it every time. Most of the students are children, but I'm not. If you think you are too old to start an instrument or to take music lessons, you are incorrect! It's never too late to strike up the band. Give it a try, you will be glad you did.
Mitch M.
Mitch M.
They're really professional there. I got to take piano lessons while in high school, and although I didn't appreciate it then, it was a great experience. I later took guitar and piano lessons there as an adult, and I was happy with their teachers. The staff was always accommodating. When I have kids, I will definitely be taking them there. The teachers are great!
Kathleen S.
Kathleen S.
Online zoom call lessons have been working great. Patient teachers, service oriented front desk staff, charter school payment allowed. This place has been excellent for my 3 children. We took guitar, song writing, mandarin, piano, and tried out a music application type class for our youngest preschool age child.
Mark O.
Mark O.
The spring performance was amazing and Joshua had an extremely wonderful experience with Mariah as his vocal coach.
Richard V.
Richard V.
I'm very happy to be here. All the instructors have been excellent. Sad to see Denise go but looking forward to my new instructor. I have been here for 30+ lessons and will continue to come. The staff is great and Mario is a class act.

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