The Academy Lesson Experience

An Innovative Approach
At Joe Ferrante Music Academy, we have a unique music lesson program that includes degreed teachers, a stimulating musical environment, student progress reports (STEP Reports), practice incentives, and several performance opportunities throughout the year. We pride ourselves in not just being a place to learn an instrument, but rather a place to become a musician and flourish. Our academy offers students private music lessons with high quality music training and performance opportunities, and gives them the opportunity to be submerged in an inspiring, musical atmosphere. We find that our approach to musical training and education, specifically our Academy Experience, encourages our students to be continually challenged, develop confidence, and have fun while they're learning. Each one of our teachers are degreed performers who are professionals in their craft and passionate at what they do. We strive to be the perfect place for anyone who loves music or who wants to immerse his or her child in a friendly and nurturing musical environment.

Music Should Be For Everyone
We believe that music should be accessible to everyone at every age, no matter what level of proficiency one has. Whether you or your child are looking for an extracurricular activity or studying for a professional career as a musician, our teachers are trained to meet you at your level and take you forward to the next. At our Academy, the student is able to go as far as he or she wants in developing an instrument whether one's pursuit in music is basic, intermediate, or advanced. We consider studying and enjoying music to be an investment that lasts a lifetime.

At the Joe Ferrante Music Academy, our lessons are geared towards performance experiences and many of our students perform at our Community and Awards Recitals throughout the year. We also have a parallel program called the Recording Project, designed for students who would like to have a professional, studio recorded version of their musical pieces instead of or in addition to partaking in our recital program. Our teachers work closely with you to prepare you for whatever your performance goals might be, whether casual, professional or anything in between.