The Recital Experience

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"A Place to Showcase Our Amazing Students"
Since its very beginnings, Joe Ferrante Music Academy has exercised its philosophy of performance-based learning with multiple recital and public performance opportunities for its music, foreign language, and language arts students. We find that recitals are the best way to learn the important skills of artistic interpretation, expression, and building confidence. Preparing for a set performance date not only encourages students to practice regularly, but also to take responsibility for creating and sharing their personal articulation of a musical or literary piece and truly make it their own. In addition to the skills gained in preparing for a performance, the recognition and applause from family and friends boosts a student's self-confidence and sense of self in a way they will fondly remember their whole lives. Too often in our society we only recognize and honor the accomplishments of winning in a competitive arena, however music and language are more artistic and independent disciplines that require many months and years to achieve progress. Our academy recitals give us a way to celebrate the personal development and achievement of each student on an individual basis, without the need of a team or winning first place. All of our performing students are winners and all of their hard work is individually celebrated! Therefore, academy performances serve as a key component to a student's learning, provide an opportunity to hear and appreciate other academy students' development, and are a real treat for family, friends, and teachers to share in and celebrate a student's progress. Given the value of performances to all involved, the academy has different kinds of performances available year-round: Awards Recitals and Community Recitals as well as our Recording Project! This is another alternative to live-performance designed for students who would like to have a professional, studio recorded version of their musical pieces instead of or in addition to partaking in our recital program.