A Fresh Approach to Tutoring
                                          Learn the Necessary Skills to Excel in School!

The academic tutoring program at the Joe Ferrante Music Academy began when parents asked us to apply the same commitment to excellence we provide in our music training to academic scholarship. Under the development of Dr. Allyson Salinger Ferrante, PhD the program was launched in 2006 and offers private tutoring in the following subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts, and Foreign Languages. The program's goals are to support students' school curriculum while developing the individual's confidence, grasp of difficult concepts and fostering a passion for academic learning that will aid them in every academic pursuit. Students improve with test taking, comprehension, homework, and any special projects or individual goals. Often, our tutoring students see their grades raise significantly with our academy's private tutoring sessions as one of our parents recently reported; "my daughter's grade went from a D to a B+ with three months of private tutoring." With a blend of patience, total customization, and a commitment to overcoming all obstacles, our academy teachers get great results with their students. By careful examination of textbook requirements and traditional school objectives, our academy tutors build the important links between individual students' unique needs and scholarly improvement.